Self Portrait 2.jpg

I make art and enjoy doing so.

The longer the moment I draw, the more of an image keeps appearing on the page. It truly amazes me that I can create and I love doing it!

Ordinary Things is a primary focus for me for two reasons: 1) Society often takes the little and ordinary things for granted and a large amount of waste comes from it, and 2) I often make things complicated so it’s a way for me to remind myself to make happiness with what I have.

Abstract art is the place where I began painting and feel completely free or judgment and criteria at the canvas.

Portraiture complies random portraits or inspired portraits mostly of people I identify with, but some are requested projects. I always love to paint a face because the eyes are what speak the loudest and the face tells the story of who you are.

Fine Arts in School is a rotating collection of work made in school as a measure of trying new mediums. I primarily post the processes I had a lot of fun with.